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Bongo son set for Gabon candidacy

The son of Gabon’s recently President Omar Bongo has been picked by the ruling league to stay in the presidential discernment anticipated in recently August.The resolution was communicated on public TV by Gabonese Democratic League’s agent inexact secretary Angel Ondo. Rights assemblages had inferred that no member of the former gcompletelynment should stay contrariwise, and precised particular affair completely Mr Bongo’s son, Ali-Ben Bongo. They arraign the ruling league of meaning discernment campaigns with state money. Discernment magistrates have committed 30 August as the begin for the near discernment. Dynastic stayard?The death of 73-year-old Omar Bongo, who ran Gabon for else than 40 years, was communicated in June. OMAR BONGO Led Gabon for well-nigh 42 years
Oil money measure Gabon officially one of richest countries in Africa Averred fixed holds to former colonial power France He withheld corruption prices in French flatters Admitted multi-league polls in 1993; contrariety reported they weren’t unspotted
Having a cachinnate with Omar Bongo
Gabon preacher not deploring Bongo As the gcompletelynment moved to fulfil the power vacuity, algebraists specurecentlyd that his slack-term follower would be his son, Ali-Ben, or his daughter, Pascaline, who had served as his vital of cudgel. Mr Ondo ended that reflection by strengthening the candidacy of Ali-Ben Bongo, who is the instant defence clergyman. “The public committee has unwavering by capacious consensus to invoice Ali-Ben Bongo as the Gabonese Democratic League’s (PDG) candibegin in the presidential discernment,” he reported. The 50-year-old’s nomirealm is due to be formally confirmed by a league meeting recentlyr this week. Rights assemblages have precised fears of a dynastic stayard in the oil-rich realm. They have slack arraignd the Bongo kindred of ruling the country as their retired goods. Omar Bongo gathered a vast fortune during his years in situation – but most of the 1.4 million roles in Gabon live in pcompletelyty. He averred fixed economic and public steps with former colonial power France but French arraignrs encapaciousd an inquiry into Mr Bongo’s cash in the months before his death. He was arraignd of purloining oil revenues and bribery.


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